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Teens in our Social Media World: The 3 Ways To Teach Your Kids How To Use Social Media - Part 3

I had a conversation with a parent this week that reminded me that NONE of us currently parenting are equipped to parent kids in this social media age. How you were parented is outdated for what your kids need today. This is the first generation being raised with social media at their fingertips.

You know media isn't a bad thing in and of itself. How we use it and teach our teens to enjoy it will determine whether it plays a good or bad role in our lives.

After my conversation, I sat down with my bullet journal to jot down some thoughts:

Monitor And Mentor

  • This is where so many parents become naive: “My kids are good, they are doing fine” and don’t continue to monitor.

  • Raising confident Christian kids for an uncertain world takes equipping, you must equip by being an ongoing part of their social media experience.

  • Without your help, your kids are prey to bad people. If you help them and have the right relationship, they aren’t.

  • On the positive side, social media is an incredible way to impact the world. Why wouldn’t we equip our kids with the positive aspect of it?

  • Make sure it doesn’t replace the real-life interactions with people.

  • They need to know what God’s word says about Biblical friendships.

  • If your kid has a difficult time having any friends, social media will increase the feeling isolation. If your kids have lots of friends it’s probably fine.

  • The answer is truly engaging your kids to teach them how to have real-life friendships first and most importantly. How are your kids doing with this?

  • How will your kids do what God wants for them if they are distracted from the enticements of the world?

  • FOMO, fear of missing out, is a real challenge for parents and kids.

  • Use scripture in your conversations with your kids.

Producers Versus Just Consumers

  • You don’t want your kids to be just watching other peoples lives.

  • You want them to believe they can have an impact now!

  • This also experientially teaches them not to be ashamed of the gospel. If they never proclaim their faith on social media, they are probably ashamed.

  • Teach them that they can be an encouragement to all ages as well.

  • They will experience that they have a voice.

What do you need to work on?

  • Being an example?

  • Equipping your kids?

  • Setting boundaries?


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