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One Less Step: 3 of My Favorite Devotion Resources for Kids and Families

In my last post, I explained this idea of "one less step." You can read it here if you missed it. It's the idea of doing the legwork for the parents in your ministry to better set them up for success. So let ME help YOU!

Today I'd like to highlight 3 of my favorite resources for doing devotions with your kids. I'm not getting any kind of kick back for these recommendations. I just love them enough to share!

Splink is available from D6 Family and is a simple way to link families together spiritually. Through FREE weekly emails packed with ideas, Splink helps families engage in conversation.

Check it out HERE

Available from YouVersion, the creators of the Bible app, parents can stream or download 30-minute Bible App for Kids video episodes! There are also other free companion resources like coloring pages and activity sheets.

Check it out HERE

From the creators of the kids Christian shows like Veggie Tales, Buck Denver, and What's in the Bible, parents can find 5-Minutes Devotions for Families. This app is especially appealing for family with preschool age kids.

Check it out HERE

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