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What makes children smile?

Let's start this week with a little bit of fun!

Gum maker Wrigley’s Extra surveyed 1,000 parents of kids ages 11 and under to find out what makes children smile.

The top 10 happiness triggers included (in no particular order):

  • Watching a favorite TV show

  • Telling jokes

  • Spending time with grandparents

  • Playing with the family pet

  • Playing outside

  • Watching YouTube videos

  • Having a bedtime story

  • Playing computer games

  • Reading or making up silly stories

  • Singing/dancing games.

Any idea which of these actually topped the list (no Googling!)?

Playing outside!

36 per cent said playing outside made their kids smile compared to 34 per cent who cited watching TV. And only 23 per cent said computer games were enjoyed by their children - less than the 34 per cent with kids who enjoy singing and dancing games for instance.

Maybe you should pose this question to the parents in your church. You might get some useful feedback!

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