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Focused on Family Ministry

Few ministry leaders are successful today without belonging to a strategic group with the sole purpose of helping each member discuss current ministry, create goals, celebrate successes, and discuss failures. This tight knit TRIBE is a powerful source of accountability. 

One of our favorite things about the TRIBES group is that everyone has the same goal: equipping young people and families with transformative faith. With all TRIBES members starting from this same point, we are able to spur each other on through this process of change. 

All of the TRIBES walk in asking, how can we do this better? We provide time to process the answers with peers. These group interactions become vital to the process of personal and ministry growth.

Where does Julie enter the picture? The wisdom of a mentor can nudge you to the tipping point. She helps you gather up all of the knowledge and discovery, and then determine the right course of action for your ministry. 

Mentoring is a significant part of the TRIBES experience. Knowing the ins and outs of Family Ministry lends a fresh perspective and allows Julie to help you stay committed to the goals you’ve established for your ministry.

You may be able to accomplish your goals without doing much research. You may even be able to minister well with little training. But your work will suffer if you lack clarity, and clarity is only achieved with intention.

If you are a leader who wants to keep growing, we invite you to consider joining a TRIBES group.


Each TRIBE session begins in September and runs through May.

Each group will have 5-7 individuals.

We will have discussion group calls once a month. Some calls will have a pre-determined topic, and some will be set apart specifically for members to come with their current concerns and ministry challenges. 

Each TRIBE group will have a private Facebook group where members can continue the discussion, or bounce ideas off the other members.

Once you register, we will send to you a set of questions to learn more about you and your area of ministry. We'll use that information to create our groups.


$200 per person for an entire session lasting from September through May


Online discussions from your location make TRIBES the most realistic ministry networking opportunity available to you.


As much as possible, these groups will consist of fellow colleagues who are local. This will allow relationships and community to thrive.


Weekly discussion via our Facebook group will help us to constantly ask and answer the critical question: how can we do this better?